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 Please stay tuned to this page for more information on applying for the 2022 scholarship.

If you are from Brevard county and attend the University of Florida, you are probably eligible to receive a scholarship from the club.


Are you looking for an internship or work experience?  The Space Coast Gator club has a relationship with corporations and business owners throughout the county. We are always doing our best to give our Gators as many opportunities as they can get.

click here if you are interested in applying for an internship

Please attach your resume and contact information so we can pass on your information to local recruiters who are looking to hire!

 Ride shares

This private Facebook group was set up by a UF-Brevard student and is used by students to help find other students who are going to or coming from Gainesville, often on weekends and breaks.


*Disclosure: The group was created by a student and the Space Coast Gator Club does NOT associate itself or take responsibility anything that may originate from this page. The Space Coast Gator Club does not guarantee the suitability, safety or ability of anyone on the group. It is solely your responsibility to determine if a third party provider will meet your needs and expectations.The club will not participate in disputes between you and a third party provider. By using the group, you acknowledge that you may be exposed to situations involving third party providers that are potentially unsafe, offensive, harmful to minors, or otherwise objectionable, and that use of third party providers arranged or scheduled using the services is at your own risk and judgement.